Four days ago, Nicholas Kristof made a splash in the New York Times with his “Confession of Liberal Intolerance.” In it, he admitted that liberals in the academy want all sorts of diversity–except for diversity of opinion.

Today, a rising journal at Barnard College has penned her support for Kristof in Quillette . She explains:

I was raised with socially and economically leftist views; I’ve worked with nonprofits for a variety of causes including welfare, food stamps, gays, trans people, and the environment. I should be glad that I’m being taught by people who share my viewpoints, right? Wrong.

This environment leaves students in an “intellectual poverty,” she says. Professor Mike Munger made the same point, writing for the Pope Center in 2014. But it’s nice to see that at least one liberal student agrees.

Intellectual Diversity — One Liberal Student Wants Conservative Professors